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GN9000-W Gas Alarm Controller
GN9000-S Gas Alarm Controller
GN9000-A Gas Alarm Control System
GN8010-C Combustible Gas Detector
GN8010-E Toxic Gas Detector
GN8020-C Combustible Gas Detector
GN8020-E Toxic Gas Detector
GN8080-C Portable Combustible Gas Detector
GN8080-E Portable Toxic Gas Detector
GN8030-C Combustible Gas Detector
GN8010-IN Bus Control-Input Module
GN8010-OUT Bus Control-Output Module
Monitor Software-Gas Alarm Control System
Gas Alarm Control System Integration Project
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Gas Alarm Control System Integration Scheme
4 ~ 20mA System Mod-bus Networking System
Mod-bus System Detectors directly connect to networking system
4~20mA Networking System The main-sub controller system
 ■ Map labeling note:
Map labeling Note
2A RVV2*1.0mm2 Copper-core cables
2B RVVP2*1.0mm2 Shielded cables
2C RVV2*2.5mm2 Copper-core cables
3 RVV3*1.0mm2 Copper-core cables
4 2B + 2C
 ■ 4 ~ 20mA System:
 ■ Mod-bus System:
 ■ 4~20mA Networking System:
 ■ Mod-bus Networking System:
 ■ Detectors directly connect to networking system:
 ■ The main-sub controller system:

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