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GN9000-A Single Loop Gas Control System

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 ■ Characteristic:
4 digits high-light LED 2 Programmable Linkage Output Interfaces/Two groups programmable output interface interaction
Humanized operation interface Calibration function of the entire software
Input & Output of International Standard Signal(4~20mA/Modbus) Modularization design method
 ■ Working theory:
     GN9000-A Single Loop Gas Control System consist of two components:gas controller and gas detector. After sampling and dealing with the 4~20mA international standard signal outputed from the detector, the gas concentration of relevant detection point will be transformed and displayed on nixietube, as well as different status of the system. In case of failure or alarm, the controller will send out relevant acousto-optical signal and output corresponding linkage control signal.GN9000-A single loop gas control system can match the GN8010-C、GN8010-E-A、GN8020-C、GN8020-E gas detector, applying to installation program of small-scale monitering system.
 ■ Specification:
 Gas controller  
Signal Input 4~20mA(0、1、2、4~20、22mA)
Display range Digital 0~99999,Unit: %LEL、ppm、%v-v
Accuracy ±1%FS
Operation Mode Key
Display Mode 4 digits high-light LED
Alarm Setting Each channel can set low limit value and high limit value separately(optional)
Output Control 2 programmable relays, each relay has normal open mode/normal close mode and level mode/pulse mode, contact capacity is 5A 24VDC or 2A 220VAC.
Automatic Detection Open/short circuit, detector status etc.
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity 20%~95%RH
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz or DC24V
Maximum Power Consumption 5W
Weight Approximately1.7Kg
Install Mode Wall mounting
 Gas Detector  
Detected Gas LNG、LPG and other combustible gas
Detecting Theory Catalytic combustion type
Measurement Range 0~100%LEL
Accuracy ±3%FS
Response Time ≤30s
Recovery Time ≤30s
Setting Mode Dial Switch+Key
Alarm setting 1-Stage alarm (default 25%F.S.,adjustable)
Alarm Mode 1-stage alarm passive relay output contact (A1),contact capacity 1A 24VDC(Optional)
Output Siagnal 4~20mA standard current(3 wires)(Max.load 500Ω)
Transmission Distance Max.4500m(2.5mm2 copper cable)
Explosion Prevention Mark ExdⅡCT6
Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Power Supply DC24V±DC8V
Weight Approximately 1.5Kg
Explosion Prevention Screw Thread 3/4"NPT/M20
Relative Humidity 20%~95%RH
Maximum Power Consumption 2W
Install Mode Wall Mounting、 Ceiling Mounting、Column Mounting

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