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GN8030-C Combustible Gas Detector
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 ■ Characteristic:
Modbus singnal output Import sensor of high accuracy & anti-poisining
Separate base convenient to install Automatism safeguard function to defend the impact from high chroma gas
Own intellectual property rights with self-determination    
 ■ Working theory:
    GN8030-C Combustible Gas Detector sample & deal with the signal from sensor,output the signal of 4~20mA or Modbus corresponding to the consistence of ambient air
 ■ Specification:
Detecting Theory Catalytic combustion type
Measurement Range 0~100%LEL
State Display 2 colours LED
Accuracy ±3%FS
Response Time ≤30s
Recovery Time ≤30s
Setting Mode Dial Switch+Key
Alarm setting 1-Stage A1 alarm (default 25%F.S.,adjustable), 2-Stage A2 alarm (default 50%F.S.,adjustable)
Alarm Mode Light alarm
Output Siagnal Modbus communication interface(4wires)
Transmission Distance Max. 1200m (2.5mm2 copper cable)
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity 20%~95%RH
Power Supply 24VDC±8VDC
Maximum Power supply Consumption 2W
Weight Approximately 150g

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